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Active isolation, pneumatics Bilz AIS

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pneumatický systém Bilz AIS

Active isolation, pneumatics Bilz AIS serves as the most effective insulation against vibration, shock, impacts, resonance for a variety of sensitive equipment and instruments such as electron microscopes, devices for nanotechnology, optical instruments, measuring centers, hardness testers, measuring machines, centrifuges, lab instruments, chemical instruments, electronic instruments, laboratories, pharmaceutical devices and machines in the cosmetic industry, in medicine, in biolabs, in the engineering industry, in biochemical laboratories in physics laboratories, in medical devices, etc ..

This active insulation air system Bilz AIS can be made in versions with up to 6 controlled directions of leeway and is constructed so that the isolated inert system is equipped with sensors position changes, which provide information to the control center that with regard to incoming information actively influences the inert isolated system which then leads to a rest state. Unique insulation capability of the system Bilz AIS has a frequency of up to approx. 0.9 Hz.

Bilz company can offer you a wide range of these elements, dividing them further according to size in relation to the load and according to the composition in the context of specifying vibrations, shocks, impacts, and resonances.

We will prepare a specialized design and a price offer tailored to your needs based on your phone call or email.

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