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Trolleys handling tools Dilos Truck, Buggy Dilos

vozíky pro manipulace s materiálem

They are used for accurate, reliable, economical, exact handling of tools, particularly for presses.

Unlike conventional Dilos Truck and Dilos Buggy industrial, the lead instrument of the press stretches out on the forks or on the contrary, from the forks be inserted into the press.

These trucks can apart from the usual controlled movement realize the movement transverselly or revolving around a circular spot.

A very successful combination of the Dilos Truck, the Dilos Buggy is created with Güthle racks for tools, molds, dies,  and the time for changing tools between the machine and the rack is extremely fast and the storage of very heavy tools takes up very little space. Height of upper level is up to about 3.000 mm.


Dilos Buggy 20 weight of tools max. 2,000 kg
Dilos Buggy 30 weight of tools max. 3,000 kg
Dilos Truck 40 weight of tools max. 4,000 kg
Dilos Truck 60 weight of tools max. 6,000 kg
Dilos Truck 100 weight of tools max. 10,000 kg
Dilos Truck indi weight of tools max. 30,000 kg

Güthle Pressenspannen manufactures a wide range of these trucks depending on the load, depending on the size, and specified by catalog or individual needs, according to the spatial requirements and specific situations.

We will prepare a specialized design and a price offer tailored to your needs based on your phone call or email.

vozíky pro manipulace s materiálem
vozíky pro manipulace s materiálem

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