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Absorbance and isolation against vibrations, shocks, impacts and oscillation, antivibrating pads, bilz boards.

We offer you high quality products to absorb and isolate vibrations, shocks and oscillatory movements. Take a look at our broad offer of products.

Absorbance and isolation against shock Bilz

The German company Bilz is a leading player on the european market in the field of absorbance and isolation against vibrations and shocks to the construction. Their products are known for their high quality and reliability along with hugh durability.

We offer you a large number of products tailored for isolation and absorbance of vibrations, shocks, impacts and oscillation. Antivibration pads and boards and levelling absorbance elements.

Put your trust in the best hands. Elements for absorbance and isolation vibrations and shocks provided by our company will never let you down.

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