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Damping, vibration pads Bilz, shockproof horizontal elements, anchoring foot

Mountings, silentblocks and slippers to capture shock, vibration, impact and resonance in the horizontal direction, suspension

kotevní patky, patky do betonu

Damping, antivibration, plates, pads, slippers capture shock, vibration, shock and resonance in the horizontal direction, Bilz horizontal cushioning, shockproof components, mountings, bushings.

Serves to absorb, disinhibit and insulate against vibration, shock and impact of various machines such as mechanical presses, hydraulic presses, forging presses, grinders, lathes, milling machines, CNC machine tools, vibrating machines, woodworking machinery, food machinery, tools for working stone, compressors, air conditioning, etc. in the horizontal direction.

Bilz horizontal adjusting damping elements

These elements are always anchored to the floor and due to their cantilevered shape and horizontal adjustability through adjusting screw have a high efficiency and fully fulfill their function.

Bilz company can offer you a wide range of these elements, dividing them further according to size in relation to the load and according to the composition in the context of specifying vibrations, shocks, impacts, and resonances.

We will prepare a specialized design and a price offer tailored to your needs based on your phone call or email.

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