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Damping and leveling, antivibration elements

Footings, mats, slippers Bilz FAEBI pneumatic cushioning

pneumatické patky, papuče, podložky Bilz

Damping and leveling pneumatic components are used as cushioning, disinhibition and insulation against vibration, shock, and impacts in various machines such asm echanical presses, hydraulic presses, grinders, lathes, milling machines, CNC machine tools, shakers, vibrating machines, woodworking machinery, food processing machinery, stone working machines, compressors, air conditioning, etc ..

The unique effectiveness of these pneumatic components Bilz FAEBI is about 95% with a threshold frequency of about 4.5 Hz, achieving almost absolute isolation from the machine around. If, for example, a mechanical press or other source of strong vibrations is isolated using pneumatic damping elements Bilz FAEBI, you can place a precise grinder or 3D measuremtn in the immediate vicinity of the press and the press will not affect the accuracy of the machines.

When using pneumatic damping elements Bilz FAEBI, we achieve leveling, either static for machines that do not change their center of gravity, or permanent, which continuously ensures the horizontality of the machine even when moving the center of gravity. These elements are bolted to the bottom of the machine, and have the ability to adhere to concrete or other flooring and therefore there is no displacement of the machine, even though it isn’t anchored.

Bilz company can offer you a wide range of these elements, dividing them further according to size in relation to the load and according to the composition in the context of specifying vibrations, shocks, impacts, and resonances.

We will prepare a specialized design and a price offer tailored to your needs based on your phone call or email.

pneumatické patky, papuče, podložky Bilz
pneumatické patky, papuče, podložky Bilz

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