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antivibrační podložky

Damping plates isolate machines, isolating foundations, production halls, factories or whole technology such as anti-shock, anti-impact, anti-vibration and anti-resonant.

The company Bilz has a wide range of boards and mats with different broadness and composition and with perfect absorbance to work in any occurence.

The composition of damping plates is based on a very deep and extensive research of 40 different components which is achieved by an extremely steep dampening of vibration, shock, and impacts.

Damping boards Bilz

Isolation and damping of machines, devices, measuring machines, 3D measurement, optical machines, grinders, CNC machine tools, lathes, milling machines, vibrating machines, forging presses, hammers, mechanical presses, hydraulic presses, woodworking machinery, food machinery, machinery stone processing, compressors, air conditioning, basements, sheds, buildings, floors by means of damping and insulating boards and shock absorber pads, Bilz has the highest effect in reducing vibrations as well as in industry, manufacturing, medicine, laboratories, research centers and institutes, in residential buildings and residential areas, shopping centers, transportation areas and other buildings.

We will prepare a specialized design and a price offer tailored to your needs for antivibration plates based on your phone call or email.

antivibrační podložky

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