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Railway carriages for the second drive-out table top press

Trolley Dilos Shuttle, Güthle Pressenspannen for handling tools

manipulační vozíky

Used for fast, accurate, reliable, friendly, exact handling of the second table top or a press tool, especially for presses.

Rails are generally parallel to the longitudinal axis of the press line. On one half of the rail truck, Dilos Shuttle is ready for the second table top second tool and after the tool exchange, the old tool retracts with the first table top on the empty half of the truck Dilos Shuttle trolley is moved by the length of the tabletops and ready for the second tool across the table top pulled directly into the tool space of the press.

Tool motion against the truck‘s motor Dilos Shuttle is handled by an engine. Truck Shuttle Dilos may have the upper rotating platform. Load capacity is determined by the requirement of the customer.

Güthle Pressenspannen manufactures these adapters wide range depending on load and size.

We will prepare a specialized design and a price offer tailored to your needs based on your phone call or email.

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