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Rolling console, roll goats, rollers, roller beams Güthle Pressenspannen

It is used mainly to store the tools in front of the press table and its subsequent scrolling into the tool space of the press, or to roll tools prior to the press console to its subsequent further handling. Storing tools on the console or removal of consoles can then be easily carried by  crane, lizard, etc .. With the ability to scroll brackets, can be easily manipulated and heavy tools. The tool weighing about 8 tons can be eg. rolled to the press manually by two people.

  • Brackets fleeting
  • Brackets fleeting collapsible
  • Brackets fleeting folding with a joint in the middle brackets
  • Brackets support foot end
  • Brackets motorized for moving to consoles


Güthle Pressenspannen manufactures these brackets in a wide range according to the load, according to size, either standardized or individual.

We will prepare a specialized design and a price offer tailored to your needs based on your phone call or email.


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