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Rolling profiles, scroll bars, rollblocks Güthle Pressenspannen

rolny, rollo bloky

Used for handling tools especially in the press. With the help of rollers, roller sections, rollblocks, tool, mold, tool, die, mold, scroll over the press table, not slide.

With scrolling tools instead of shearing, of course, greatly saving tool and at the same time enormously reduces the force required to move the tool. In most cases the rolling capability profiles is activated and deactivated hydraulically. Once the tool has reached the position we wanted, we will disable the hydraulic pressure in the rolling profiles instrument falls and lands flat on the table top and in this position longer stays.

Rolling Ball profiles have the advantage in any direction scrolling.

Rolling roller profiles allows you to move in only one direction, which is sometimes an advantage, sometimes a disadvantage, their obvious advantage is the increased capacity.

Güthle Pressenspannen these profiles produced by a variety of loads, the size of the groove or T-groove, and this standardized or individual.

We will prepare a specialized design and a price offer tailored to your needs based on your phone call or email.

rolny, rollo bloky
rolny, rollo bloky

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